Insert drawing based pun here

Yeah I like puns. I was thinking “drawing to a close” or “quick draw McGraw” but neither of those made sense. Hey, I said I liked puns. I didn’t say I was good at them. 

Anyway I bought a Wacom Intuos tablet the other day. It was my birthday treat to myself. It was £50 from Amazon. It’s quite small and easy to set up. It’s quite a good starter tablet for a novice like me. I use it hooked up to my laptop, but apparently there’s a wireless kit you can buy, which would be handy if you had a desktop and a larger tablet. 

My method so far has been to take existing photos, posterise them down to about 5 levels in Photoshop and then use them as a template to draw a very simple design. This way I can learn not only how to use the tablet but how to compose pictures. I usually doodle faces (love a good gel pen for that) but I am severely lacking in technical ability

I have used: a photo of my original acrylic-on-canvas- art “Zombie Girl with a Skull Earring (this is a parody of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by one of my favourite artists; Vermeer), a photo I took of my cat as a kitten, and a still from a Batman episode “Catwoman Goes To College” from the original Batman series starring Adam West and Julie Newmarr.  

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d also love any links to tutorials on Adobe Illustrator. I have a 30 day trial as an extension of my Creative Cloud photography package and would love to use it. So far I’ve been a total failure on that score. 

Thanks for reading!



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