Low-Carb/High-Fat Baking

You know what it’s like when you’re told you can’t have something. If you’re anything like me, it makes you want that thing all the more. Which is why I’ve been experimenting with baking, low-carb style. 

I was diagnosed with diabetes last month. Apparently that diagnosis should have been slapped on me about 4 years ago, but it wasn’t, and I haven’t been treating my body very well in the mean time, being completely oblivious of my rocketing blood glucose levels. Although that does explain the mood swings and the constant lethargy. I’m controlling it with diet and exercise, which is fine; it’s something I’ve experimented with before. I like meat, fish, eggs and dairy, I like oils and nuts and green vegetables. I love walking and cycling.  Easy, right? Except I miss desserts. 

I was always more savoury than sweet, so I never thought I’d say that. Given a choice, I’d head for the cheese board rather than the chocolate cake. But, my heart being the contrary sod that it is, now it knows it can’t have cake or biscuits, that’s exactly what I crave. 

The heart wants what it wants. 

So I’ve stocked up on substitutes. I can’t have flour or sugar, so say hello to whey protein powder and stevia. And I’ve hit upon a recipe that gives me the perfect consistency of a bun/cupcake/fairy cake/whatever you want to call it. Here it is. 

40 grams of  oil – I tried rapeseed oil, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it gives the recipe a weird flavour. Next time I’ll try a nut oil like macadamia oil 

40 grams of almond butter – you want a good oily almond butter. I buy a brand called Pip & Nut, and by the way their other nut butters are delicious 

1 egg

Stevia liquid – I never know how much of this stuff to use, you’ll need to experiment with the brand you buy. I used one pipette but it wasn’t massively sweet, so may try more next time

20 grams of whey protein – be careful with this as some brands have a high carb content as well as protein. I used Pulsin, unflavoured powder. 

1 gram of baking powder

20 grams of single cream 

There’s no rules as far as mixing goes but it’s always a good idea to mix the wet before adding the dry, and pay special attention to mixing the oil and egg. 

This makes 6 servings, bake at 160 degrees celcius (make sure you pre-heat your oven) for about 7 minutes. Any more than that and they start to brown. As soon as any protein powder based baking goes brown it starts to harden quickly. 

Any suggestions for some good flavourings to use would be greatly appreciated, leave a comment. 


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