A “Stranger Things” theory: SPOILER ALERT

This post contains spoilers for the ending of Stranger Things, please be warned!

OK here goes. I am posting this here instead of on my Twitter account to give people a choice whether to read my ramblings or not. Some haven’t seen the series yet. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re in for a treat. Also, stop reading this post. Jeez. Didn’t you see my warning?

I unabashedly love Stranger Things, a Netflix original series that many have said feels like a Steven Spielberg adaptation of a Stephen King novel, except it’s managed to rein itself in a little. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve read my thoughts on the endings of some of King’s novels. IT, for example. Seriously, a giant alien spider and a kiddy gang-bang? Anyway.

Here is my theory for what happened at the ending of Stranger Things.
We know that a secret government program was keeping Eleven for her telekinetic powers, pushing her to do new feats of the mind. We know that her mother was the subject of an experiment that used LSD on patients.
My question is
What if El created the monster? What if it’s part of her?
If you remember the ending, we see El reach out to the monster to destroy it. She has already extracted a promise from Mike that they will go to something called the “Snow Ball”, (a truly sweet little romantic moment having already happened between them) but it’s like the promise of going is all that she needs. Maybe she knows she won’t really be going, because destroying the monster will destroy her too.
We see her reaching out to the monster, and it reaches back towards her, mirroring her action. Does this mean anything significant? Is she the only one who can kill it because she brought it into being, accidentally, with her powers and her fear? Is she reaching inside of herself?
Or alternatively, has she taken the monster away with her – maybe into the “upside down” and sealed herself off with the thing so it can’t do any harm to her friends? This is also an interesting prospect because we have seen that Will has been so affected by his stay in the upside down world that he is having weird flashbacks and vomiting up gross slug creatures. Will he be able to visit there, as he’s obviously still linked to it somehow? I can’t wait to see if there’s a season 2 to carry on the story.

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