26 Days of Jest: Day 7

Has it been seven days already? It’s a beautiful Sunday, but I’m going to subject myself to this as quickly as I can and go out. I’m probably not approaching this in the spirit it deserves today. Sue me. 

– Page 242. Another Orin/Hal phone conversation. Again, I am irked by how odd their conversation is. If I were on the phone describing the scenery around me for example, it would be “oh yeah I’m in the house, it’s sunny out though”. Not these long poetic ramblings. Christ. Orin thinks he’s being tailed by wheelchair bound spies. Also he seems to have a thing for MILFs. The leg is mentioned. What happened to his leg?

– Page 246. This journalist girl they’re talking about must be Steeply. They’re digging into the family’s past, to get information on The Entertainment.  Huh wait, what was between Himself and Lyle?

– Page 252. There’s rather a lot of detail in this part. The last 250 pages have been so slow and vague and all of a sudden, this all splurges out. Himself’s death is a bit suspect, isn’t it? And then CT is moving his things “upstairs”? Is there something going on between him and Avril? Their relationship is rather vague. Other characters hover on the periphery and may or may not have been involved.

– Page 256. “That something smelled delicious!”  Great comedic moment. Also: “his hands were no bigger than a four year old girls”. More body horror. Hal’s method of grieving is interesting, pretending to grieve to satisfy his grief counsellor actually got him through the process. Which, in real life, sometimes happens. The physical, expected, traditional motions of grief can help carry us through a personal journey. 

– Page 263. If I thought I disliked tennis before reading this book…. 

– Page 270. End me. Still at the tournament. Also, DFW used “erumpent” again. We’ve been all the way through the thesauarus once and are back for another go. 

– Page 274. Back at Ennett House. Nothing much happening except an alarming amount of homophobia. Don Gately resides AKA the thief who inadvertently murdered someone in their home. 

– Page 281. Bruce Green has briefly appeared with his Mildred Bonk tattoo.  Occupants Lenz and Day are gearing up for a fight. Gately seems to be working there now. There’s a feeling, as there is all the way through this book so far, that the lives of these people have been played out already, and now they’re waiting around marking time. Hence the watch sequence. 

– Page 282. They appear to have won the tournament. I am searching about my person for a fuck to give about these tennis scenes.

Ok stopping at the beginning of 285, knee deep in a long section about Orin’s sporting and academic achievements. Blah. Charmed by the idea of having a mariachi band playing under my window though. Hasta mañana! 

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