26 Days of Jest: Day 8

~ Now with added gifs~

We did a week! I’m patting myself on the back as speak. Okay it’s a middling Monday morning and…

We’re on page 285 and post tennis tournament, getting to know the academic careers of the Incandenza brothers. Feeling a little bit sorry for Hal, after finding out how he discovered his Father, post suicide. I mean it almost excuses his teenage pomposity, but not quite. Stay with me through to page 316. I need the support.

– Page 286. Orin may have Mommy issues. And CT took over the position of Headmaster at Enfield Tennis Academy just after Jim baked his own head. Maybe I was confused about his relationship with Avril. Maybe moving upstairs simply meant that. Or maybe it’s ambiguous.

– Page 288. Charles Tavis is a sexist PIG.

– Page 289. “She made the Moms look like the sort of piece of fruit you think you want to take out of the bin and but then once you’re right there over the bin you put back because from close up you can see a much fresher and less preserved-seeming piece of fruit elsewhere in the bin.” This, from the head of Orin about a girl, comparing her to his Mother. Nice.

– Page 294. So that’s how Orin got into American Football. Did he get the oversized arm from tennis and the oversized leg from punting ball. Anyway,  awwww. A traditionally American little romance. Quite sweet. Joelle is not disfigured here, she’s a stunning red-headed cheerleader. Even though this bit portrays Joelle as a little bit Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

– Page 298. Ok, some super weird things about Orin: he gets an erection watching himself play football on film; he always has to have a girl with a kid in tow (apart from Joelle).

– Page 301. We’re back with Poor Tony, after the purse debacle, in male drag and withdrawing from heroin.

– Page 306. Poor Tony indeed. Why are we witnessing this suffering; is there a point to it? It’s all very Trainspotting, which was written/filmed in the same era. The mid-nineties. Heroin chic era. All the rage.

– Page 308. Interesting passage that sort of answers some questions between myself and Angel the other day. From this we may be able to conclude that we’re DFW alive and expressing an opinion on the current political climate, he would be an anti-feminist.

– Page 312. CT has a stairmaster. Of course he does. I knew he’d be that way.

– Page 313. Orin’s bullying of his disabled younger brother. Nice guyyyy.

We end at page 316 with a lovely sequence about Mario, who is possibly the only likeable, good character in this book so far. Which means he’ll turn out to be an evil genius no doubt.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading.

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