26 Days of Jest: Day 9 

Okay so I’ve had two blissful days away from Infinite Jest to align my reading schedule with everyone else. I’m ready to dive back in! Stick with me. 


Anyway page 316 to 358, let’s go!

– Page 317. Mario and Hal seem to have a sweet bond in adulthood, but Orin never mentions him (that I remember). In fact the only hint of them being in proximity is when Orin was bullying him as a kid. Am I remembering this wrong?

– Page 319. Steeply and Marathe are still talking themselves off a ledge. “You cannot kill what is already dead.” Very Drowned God, very Iron Islands. How long have they been out here? They’ll catch a chill. And with Steeply standing in heels too. Anyway, The Entertainment is up for discussion and it seems it kills you from pure pleasure. Interesting. Is Joelle featured in this film I wonder?  

– Page 326. Eschaton: the militarised, math-geek version of quidditch. For twelve year olds. Pages of this. It can fuck off. 

– Page 328. ATAARFA (all these acronyms are really fucking annoying) 

– Page 330. I’ve played quite a few strategic war games in my life and I feel like DFW would be one of those dudes who’d hit you up in private chat to “explain some algorithms” to you and end up wanting to show you his dick. 

– Page 335. They are trying to decide tbe significance of it snowing on the “world map”. Ingersoll proceeds to “cerebrate furiously and logically conclude”…. something I’m skim reading. God this is boring. DFW being an ass. There’s no point to any of this except his showboating. OH MY GOD CAN YOU IMAGINE IF HE’D LIVED THROUGH GAMERGATE?

– Page 336. Of course the ball had to hit the only woman playing, which essentially put an end to the game. Bloody women, ruining all this CEREBRAL shit, putting their HEADS in the way of MISSILES. 

– Page 339. Mary Esther Thode, if she has a vitamin B1 deficiency as seems to be hinted, could be an alcoholic, a diabetic, or have HIV/AIDS. With Hal’s encyclopaedic knowledge I’m suprised he didn’t give a diagnosis (I had to google it). 

– Page 340. Is Jim Struck dead? I’m enjoying the fight more than the game. 

– Page 344. I get the feeling that DFW didn’t think much of AA. By the way, most of these footnotes are just text that should have been in the story. (Although that would make it 100 pages longer no doubt). It’s pointless. It’s like he wanted to have a book that had footnotes because he thought it was cool and would make him look intellectual so he just shoe-horned them in. 

– Page 347. The face in the floor sounds terrifying. Hal also dreamed about faces in floors after finding his father. Seems to be a running theme. As is suicide; it’s mentioned a lot in this section. 

– Page 351. Oh god he’s trying to do dialects again. Wait, is it possible to have a pierced eyelid?

– Page 354. Oh, finally. A full stop!

Okay so we end at page 358 after pages and pages of what it’s like to be in AA. Addiction is something that DFW obviously either had a lot of experience in, or researched thoroughly (I’ll admit I know next to nothing about the guy’s life). Also, I’m no expert on the subject as I haven’t been exposed to it in my life, thankfully. But I do feel that it could have been better written and a lot shorter, even if it may all be entirely accurate and relevant. Perhaps he was a little too close to the subject. 

Anyway until tomorrow. 

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