26 Days of Jest: Day 10

Pages 358 to 390. Are you pumped? Are you ready? Are you psyched the fuck UP?

Fine whatever, let’s just get on with it. 

We start where we finished yesterday, we’re at AA and Gately is having a really weird dream. I think it represents… fate? 

– Page 362.  Erdedy is at Ennett House! This is the fuckboy from earlier in the novel, you remember. Oh and here’s Kate Gompert too! All friends together. Yep, here’s Joelle too. Do you think DFW sees himself as some masterful magician of story threads, bringing them all together? Idk seems a bit… clumsy. Note the casual racism which DFW attributes to Gately, because you know, he’s from a poor background, uncouth, doesn’t know about “upscale” people. 

– Page 365. Erdedy, aroused by Joelle’s hiding her face and downplaying her body, is getting ready to go in. Douche. 

– Page 369. Female characters with some intelligence being described as “pseudo-intellectual” by someone DFW has portrayed as a “downscale” criminal is a bit galling. 

– Page 370. Slut shaming from both males and females in the room. Although Joelle may be shuddering from remembered events. Seems like she hates the male gaze (I’m convinced she isn’t deformed at all, but just way too beautiful for her own liking). 

– Page 373. I’m sooooo creeped out by this sequence describing a severely disabled woman being “dragged” around and raped by her own father. Jesus Christ, the mask? And the implication that she liked it? 

– Page 375. Steeply and Marathe! Why. Are. They. Still. Here. This is like a bizarre Waiting For Godot. And then -whoosh- a paragraph on Himself and Lyle “Incandenza’s fatal Achilles’ heel was plot, that Incandenza’s efforts had no sort of engaging plot, no movement that sucked you in and drew you along”. Huh. And then back to AA. My head hurts. 

– Page 377. These AA meetings seem weirdly voyeuristic. 

– Page 384. I’m sure Mario won’t mind that I’m skim-reading his play about Johnny Gentle. The prose here is terrible and although I’m sure DFW thought he was very edgy and avant garde to use things like “w/r/t” (with regards to) and “w or w/o” (with or without) it doesn’t make for pleasant reading. 

– Page 388. What sort of guru is this Lyle person? Why is he licking sweat off of children? Why do they rely on his advice and revere him so much?

I’m finished! Page 390 suckers! 

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