26 Days of Jest: Day 11

Ah, that weekend was lovely. I didn’t think about tennis once. I read books that didn’t hurt my brain with winding, tortuous sentences, or baffle me with senseless footnotes. And now… it’s Bank Holiday Monday and I’ve woken up early. So I might as well get this over with. Page 390 to 432. 

– Page 391. A bunch of headlines. I don’t particularly like this little trick, it slows up my reading and annoys me. 

– Page 392. Although. “PRESIDENT’S OFFICE IS ‘A ANALLY RETENTIVE HORROR SHOW’ SAYS THIS JUST RETIRED WHITE HOUSE CUSTODIAN”. Take out the anally retentive part and that’s remarkably relevant right now. They’re all political headlines which I can’t be arsed to pay too much attention to. 

– Page 394. Ugh. Lyle. 

– Page 396. Interesting. Himself seems to have created a film called “Medusa vs The Odalisque” and “Thérèse, a character out of old Québecois mythology who was supposedly so inhumanly gorgeous that anyone who looked at her turned instantly into a human-sized precious gem, from admiration.” It’s Joelle isn’t it?

– Page 402. Rod “The God” Tine, Chief of US Office of Unspecified Services is speaking for President Gentle, who seems to be deep in a germ phobia. He says “bôf”, which is French for “meh” isn’t it? So are we to suppose he’s working for the Québécois? Ah yes, he’s giving territories away to Luria (who he’s boning) and getting Gentle to agree to it by pretending(?) they’re nasty dirty landfills. 

– Page 404. More French slipping in from Tine, and a discussion on whether American citizens can be termed “refugees”. Of course not, they’re “pioneers” because they’re American right?


– Page 410. I don’t like the way DFW will repeat the subject halfway through a sentence as though we’ve lost track of who he is talking about. Well sometimes I do, what with the length of these sentences, but no, he only does it on shorter sentences. And sometimes repeats the object too. For example. “Kay loved movies so she went to the cinema, on a bright Tuesday morning, Kay did – the cinema – and enjoyed it very much.” Why?

– Page 413. Can I fast forward through this piece about adverts?

– Page 416. I feel like if DFW had lived to see streaming; Netflix; Amazon Prime etc, he’d have lost his everloving mind. This dude loves TV. And gadgets. Would he have been an Apple fanboy? Probably not. Too slick. Not customisable enough. He sounds like someone who would always build his own PC. Install Linux instead of windows. Mind you, he died in 2008 so he’d have experienced the first generation iPods??

– Page 418. Marathi and Steeply. Steeply’s feet sound gross af. 

– Page 420. So I looked up “fantods” and it turns out it’s a real word, origin North American, from the mid 19th Century. 

– Page 423. Steeply wants “a wife who doesn’t mistake your job’s requirements for your own fetishes” Idk he’s gone quite balls deep into Helen. So to speak. 

– Page 427. Christ, just throw the pea soup out the window. Pea soup is disgusting. And what is it with Marathe’s family and trains? Wait, did he push them? I guess this part is them philosophising about the current US/Canada situation. Canada doesn’t want the territory (apparently), and they are using the god damn pea soup as a metaphor. 

– Page 432. We end with a new (to this section) character Clipperton blowing his brains out in Jim Incandenza’s office (obviously when JO Himself was alive). Totally pointless. 

Anyway until the next time. This has been… bôf

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