26 Days of Jest: Day 13

I totally forgot I was meant to be doing this. I haven’t had a lot of sleep. If my notes are particularly acerbic today you can attribute it to that. Pages 464 to 506 today, which should take us halfway through the book! Oh yeah… 26 divided by 2… is….

So to start with, apparently I missed a brief mention of CT possibly being the father of Mario. Thanks for the heads up Angel! And remember guys, CT and Avril are supposed to be half siblings or adopted siblings or…. anyway, gross. 

– Page 469. Still identifying with poor old Gately desperately trying to get some religion. 

– Page 471. Steeply and Marathe again. This time discussing neuroscience. Does this stimulate your P-terminal?

This seems to tie in nicely with the theme of addiction, and I think we are leading up to The Entertainment? (See the gif tie-in? Nice nice.)

– Page 464. Yup. 

– Page 477. “The weird hopelessness at the heart of lust”. Gately driving about the place and whilst some of this is very evocative and poetic it feels like a pointless side-quest at the moment. 

– Page 482. We appear to have been unceremoniously handed off to one Lucien Antitoi. Have we met this character before? He has a brother called Bertraund. And a broom. And is a terrorist apparently. And eats bloody Soupe Aux Pois. 

– Page 484. Is this an army of Marathes? Whuh? Are these the ones that followed Orin? Ah, Les Assassins des Fauteils Rollents. The Wheelchair Assassins. Brilliant. 

– Page 486. Are these the same smiley masks that Gately had in his dream/vision?

– Page 488. Lucien’s death scene. 

– Page 490. The Lucien burglary and murder was organised by Marathe; they’re attempting to recover the Master copy of The Entertainment, and musing as to whether they’d watch it. 

– Page 495. Is this Jim Incandenza? Ah. The father has an old tennis injury. Must be. 

– Page 497. There’s something very poignant  and sad about the revealed layer of dirt under the mattress. 

– Page 502. Jim is incredibly detached in the face of his fathers illness and humiliation. So much so he’s now considering the geometry of a fallen lamp. 

– Page 506. Back at Ennet House. Erdedy is offering to try a “multiple handed ethnic handshake” in lieu of a hug, to a large annoyed black man. I hope he gets punched. PUNCH HIM ROY TONY. 

Oh they ended up hugging. Disappointing. 

And that’s me done! Peace out motherfuckers. 


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