26 Days of Jest: Day 14

We’re over the hump and on to the home stretch! Today reading pages 506 to 537. What have we learned so far? Everyone is searching for a bit of pleasure and tennis is awful. 

But these tennis watching cats are the cutest. 

– Page 507. Steeply and Marathe again. Let’s start with this: wtf is a sleeveless skirt?

– Page 510. Pemulis and Hal (amongst others) are in CT’s waiting room, to be hauled over the coals about Eschaton. Avril is with all the females because she’s the Dean of females. She’s on “diddle prevention” duty.  Apparently all females (even as young as seven) who may be candidates for abuse are regularlycalled into a meeting in an attempt to nip this in the bud.


– Page 520. What’s the thing with Charles Tavis’ teeth? Also, the way Avril’s sons talk about her is kind of unsettling. 

– Page 522. I really didn’t expect Avril to dress like that. And HOLD UP! CT is offering the crying seven year old girl a “non threatening lap” and Avril, who’s meant to be policing this sort of thing, doesn’t even blink. 

– Page 525. God this is slow. It’s interesting to get to know Avril and CT a bit more I suppose. 

– Page 526. I’m enjoying the vision of Otis with the monitor he fell through still sitting on his head. 

– Page 528. Steeply and Marathe have been up on this shelf so long, they’ve become like a tragi-comic Greek chorus. Their location is interesting, perhaps intentional, as they’re commenting on the human condition whilst physically being above it. 

– Page 529. And now they’re talking of Greek myth again. Huh. 

– Page 532. Joelle and Gately chatting. Gately is careful not to swear in front of her. Sweet. Oh he’s actually asking her how she’s deformed (she claims to be). 

Does Joelle have Body Dysmorphia perhaps?

– Page 538. FINALLY. “I’m so beautiful I’m deformed” Gately obviously thinks she’s kidding around, being sarcastic. She’s been running rings around him, verbally, and got him annoyed. 

But anyway, aren’t we all deformed by beauty? No? Just me and Joelle? That’s all for today, and in the meantime…

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