26 Days of Jest: Day 15

I am off work today so I will be taking it easy in a long bath while I read pages 537 to 580. There’s some nice imagery for you. 

Ok we are starting with Lenz continuously breaking curfew at Ennett House. What’s afoot? (Internal Dad: “it’s that thing at the end of your leg”)

– Page 541. Huh. Turns out he likes to kill rats to vent some frustration. Nice dude.  Oh shit and now he’s killing cats too. 

– Page 544. Lenz is obviously sociopathic (psychopathic?). Will he move on from cats to bigger mammals?

– Page 548. Rod “The God” Tine measures his penis every day. And records the measurements. 

– Page 549. A brief description of the beginning of The Entertainment, and yes, Joelle is in it, plus veil. The intelligence community are calling the tape “the samizdat”, the literal meaning of which is Self Publishing

– Page 551. Pemulis’ outfit sounds very high fashyon. He’s listening at Rusk’s door. Not sure why he needs to dress “insolently” to do this. 

– Page 553. Avril and John Wayne (not that one) doing some weird role playing. Avril can still do the splits though, which is impressive. But isn’t John Wayne just a kid? Same age as one of her own?

– Page 555. Awkward friendship between Lenz and Green is budding. They’re both psycho in their own way so it’s a perfect match. What’s the bet they end up on a murder spree together?

– Page 559. Again with the skull-less infants and various body horror. Green seems to want in on this friendship too, as he’s telling Lenz the time regularly, now he knows his requirement for it. 

– Page 563. Ennett House conversations. Don and Joelle again. Joelle doesn’t know if her own personal daddy is alive. Wonder what went on there. 

– Page 565. Orin has a thing for Helen Steeply. I mean. How? Also: interesting that Orin has to be the O; the Object to the Subject. 

– Page 572. Oy. This conversation. 

– Page 577. The image of Lenz’s mother with her arse wedged in a bus window is hilarious, but her self-induced death is very The Entertainment but in a different form. 

– Page 579. Bruce Green’s Dad’s legs. Why? Oh but poor little Bruce. Mothers do not get a good time of it in this book. 

Anyway I’m DONE. 

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