26 Days of Jest: Day 16

Today we are reading pages 580 to 611. I’ve just flown back from Amsterdam (and boy are my arms tired) so who knows how patient I’ll be in today’s notes. It’s a gamble. Let’s find out. 

– Page 580 continued. Bruce Green, the poor fella. What a life he’s had, and now he has become separated from Lenz, which sounds like a stroke of good luck to me. 

– Page 584. Uh-oh. He’s spotted Lenz with a dog (that’s he’s going to off). There’s something creepy about the Hawaiian music playing, what with Bruce’s grim background, perhaps it’s also heralding Bruce’s grim ending. 

– Page 589. Apparently not. Hard reading about dogs being killed. The two wheelchair-bound figures were interesting though. Wheelchair Assassins?

– Page 590/1. How does Mario get so ticklish if he has Familial Dysautonomia? Can someone feel a ticklish touch but not pain? Are the receptors different? Ah Mario has been inside Ennett House, but now he’s outside it, and can hear Madame Psychosis (Joelle). 

– Page 593. DFW has turned Kate Gompert into a bit of a stereotype. Sounds like a girl he’d be attracted to, considering his liaison with Elizabeth Wurtzel. She’s  now reading Sylvia “Plate” (sic).  Side note on this: if you google “David Foster Wallace, Elizabeth Wurtzel” the first article that appears is a Gawker one which is really very derogatory about EW and calls her a coke addled slut, which is galling, considering DFW was a fuckboy douchebro who said that his only purpose on earth was to put his penis into as many vaginas as possible. Plus, I’ve read Prozac Nation and from what I remember it was better written than Infinite Jest. 

– Page 597. So what’s the deal with Orin not being able to receive pleasure? This bit, with the Swiss hand model and the vague survey, is really bizarre. 

– Page 606. Take a fucking breath, man. Dunno why these long, rambling sentences make me so anxious. 

– Page 608. Looks like the dog-owning Luau guys tracked Lenz down. Good. They know it’s him because his white fake moustache fell off in their garden. 

Page 610. Leaving it here at a stand off, Lenz standing behind Gately, a gun trained on them both. I’m wondering where Mario is at this point, is he still trundling up the road towards Ennett House, or is that a different time sequence? Will he get caught up in this? I suppose we will find out tomorrow.

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