26 Days of Jest: Day 17

Good morning! Pull up a pew. I’ve had about 11 hours sleep, so yay. I’m also back to work for the first time in 5 days and it’s raining, boo. Swings and roundabouts. Pages 611 to 653 today. We were in the middle of a hillbilly shoot-out. Kind of. Yeehaw!

– Page 611. Lenz is standing behind Gately, who’s in front of a gun. Tense! Are we really over halfway through the book and this is the first real moment of drama?

– Page 612. “It’s always that everything always speeds up and slows down both” what the FUCK kind of sentence is this? I was enjoying this tension and then I’m pulled up short by this sloppy mess. Editing. 

– Page 617. Don Gately is shot, the Canadians are dead or dying, and Joelle – who obviously cares for Gately, is leaning over him as he bleeds out. Romantic. 

– Page 622. Drain the swamp! I mean, drain the pond! Reading this section about public spectacle, I wonder what DFW would have made of today’s live-tweeted world. 

– Page 626. So that was Joelle’s sound engineer being scooped up by, presumably, a wheelchair assassin. The ominous line about him presently wishing he knew more about where Joelle was leads us to believe he’s going to be interrogated. This is all The Entertainment related, then. 

– Page 629. Drive refers to his own mother as The Bride. 

– Page 632. Weird goings on at the Tennis a academy. Apart from people actually liking tennis. Which is as weird as it gets. 

– Page 634. “This was after the girl Orin had been wildly in love with and Himself had compulsively used in films had been disfigured.” So Hal thinks Joelle has been disfigured. Hal is also determined to remain a virgin, directly influenced by Orin’s rampant sexuality. It also seems like Hal is drug-free and ready to buckle down after whatever punishment was meted out after Eschaton. 

– Page 640. Steeply and Marathe and an anecdote about Steeply’s father being addicted to M*A*S*H. Plus shadow puppets. 

– Page 645. “‘Because it is necessary that I leave soon, a central point must be soon emerging.”  Well, yeah. 

– Page 649. Back at Ennett House. The residents are still reeling from the fight. Kate Gompert: “I know from exhaust fans, believe you me.”  Grim. 

– Page 651. Ending on a very dark note. “‘Time in the shadow of the wing of the thing too big to see, rising.'”

Until tomorrow. 

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