26 Days of Jest: Day 18

Today we are reading pages 653 to 685! I’ve had a migraine all morning and I’m not sure I’m ready for this, but here we sodding go. I’m doped up on Nurofen so let’s have at it. 

Right. Where are we? At a tennis match. Of course. Helen Steeply is here to talk to Hal about Orin. CT doesn’t like it 

– Page 655. Huh. The timeline threading this match, Poor Tony during withdrawal, and Gately asleep, is confusing. Have we gone back in time?

– Page 660. Lots of waxing lyrical about playing tennis, and de Lint seems like a jerk. That is all. 

I really want a sandwich now
– Page 663. Saprogenic Greetings Inc. Saprogenic: “causing or produced by putrefaction or decay”. Nice. 

– Page 665. What’s with all the Qs? Ha.

– Page 669. There appears to be no regard for health and safety laws in the world of ETA. Sending little kids down tunnels as a punishment? Very Dickensian. 

– Page 673. Hold up, how are people getting fridges into these tunnels and how would they plug them in? I’m confused. 

– Pages 679. Steeply, de Lint, and a new (Canadian) character, with whom Steeply conversed in French. Steeply is trying to get to Hal, but they end up talking about tennis for AGES AND I AM SO BORED. 

I feel you, Vivien

– Page 681! At last! I’m done. 

Goodbye! I don’t care! I hate tennis! Come back tomorrow! Whatever!

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