26 Days of Jest: Day 19

Today we are reading pages 685 to 727. It’s Election Day here in the U.K. and I am anxious as all shit (hoping that Labour get a surprise landslide) so hopefully this will take my mind off things. 

Okay it seems I stopped a bit too early yesterday (I blame the migraine) so let’s recap pages 682 to 685. It’s Pemulis. Aged 23 and a prostitute (?). Wait this is Matty Pemulis, not Michael. They are brothers? I’m so lost. Here’s Poor Tony. He’s alive! Wait, now a flashback to some childhood abuse that’s a little too graphic thank you.

– Page 686. Hal is watching his father’s tapes. They sound shitty and boring. I wonder if he’s unknowingly got the master copy of The Entertainment?

– Page 690. Looks like Poor Tony survived the seizure. He’s checked out of hospital and is on his way to the Antitoi place. What will he find? Dead bodies probably. Depends on where we are in this weird timeline. 

– Page 692. Abruptly back at Ennett House. Oh no, wait, back at the Tennis academy. Pick a lane, DFW. 

– Page 697. Yeah all this about depression and suicide is not really helping. 

– Page 701. I wonder if Avril is calling Steeply? Oh wait, no, she’s cruising the halls looking for Hal. Who is still watching his father’s tapes.  This “fighting biker nun” flick sounds alright. 

– Page 707. “Those annoying little coloured hand-motions and gestures” eh. Whelp. This book is racist as hell. 

– Page 711. Back to Hal and the gang watching “Blood Sister: One Tough Nun” which I found this fan art for on Pinterest. 

– Page 715. Looks like Poor Tony mugged Kate Gompert and Ruth van Cleve; Kate has clonked her head in the process. I hope it cures her depression (a la the earlier story about a dude who hit his head and got depression), who knows. 

– Page 716. Lenz was heart-pressed? Does he mean hard pressed? Chinese women “conversing in their anxious and high-pitched monkey language”. Jesus. 

– Page 720. Poor Tony, post purse-snatching, being pursued by Ruth. They’re nearing the Antitoi place, where the wheelchair assassins are viewing all the tapes they find, searching for the master copy of The Entertainment. 

– Page 724. It’s already been motioned that one of Jim Incandenza’s films is called “Fun with Teeth”. Mario and CT are homodontic (we think) and now Joelle dreaming of a mouth full of red-tipped canines. Huh. 

– Page 727. The wheelchair assassins have secured a copy of The Entertainment, albeit not the master copy, and are commencing some pretty gruesome tests with it. 

Anyway, until tomorrow, when we might find out what their evil master plan entails, whether Joelle will reveal all to Gately, and if Ruth ever catches up with Poor Tony. 

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