26 Days of Jest: Day 20

Today we are reading pages 727 to 759. It feels like the home stretch! The last quarter of the book, yay! 

Btw as the weekend saw the last episode in the current season of Bob’s Burgers, and I’m really quite sad about it, all gifs will be Bob’s Burgers related. 
– Page 729. Lenz is an asshole, but we already knew that. He’s robbed two old ladies, been racist a bunch of times, and used the word “attractiver” which I’m pretty sure is not an actual word. See also “devroid” as in “the alley was devroid of cats and rodents both”. It’s impossible to know if this is the vocab of Lenz or DFW. 

– Page 730. Woah, worlds collide. Marathe is in Ennett House. Ah he’s pretending to be from U.H.I.D. Probably as a ruse to get Joelle to speak to him. 

– Page 734. Jesus, you can’t portray a group of people as stupid redneck addicts and then have them discuss etymology in detail. DFW trying to shoehorn his own philosophy and “wisdom” into his characters mouths again. 

– Page 737. Getting to know more about the Incandenza family’s dynamic, via Joelle. Joelle’s own family seems mightily fucked up too. 

– Page 742. DFW on the subject of film is even more boring and self-indulgent than DFW on the subject of tennis. 

– Page 745. I like that Joelle thinks of Hal as “insufferable”, because that means DFW wrote him that way intentionally and isn’t just speaking through him. Insufferably.  This thanksgiving dinner sounds hellish btw. Avril sounds incredibly domineering 

– Page 750. The disguised Marathe has found some unmarked TP cassettes. I find it weird that, in a world where these tapes are supposed to be so common, this is somehow significant. He thinks he sees smiley faces on them so therefore thinks they might be Entertainment related. 

– Page 753. Can I again just ponder on how a woman without a skull has managed to survive long enough to meet and marry Marathe?

– Page 754. More tapes! Clenette has borrowed some from the E.T.A., where she’s a cleaner. 

– Page 759. We will leave it here with Mario on his way to the offices of his “Moms” and his “uncle”, filming as he goes. 

That’s it. 

I’m finished. 

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