26 Days of Jest: day 22

Today we are reading pages 801 to 833. We pick up where we left off, with Hal visiting a weird Narcotics Anonymous meeting where men hold teddy bears and cry. 

– Page 805. Jesus how did DFW’s editor let him get away with so much w/o and w/r/t shit? Btw this bit is boring. He’s recognised somebody he knows. Blah blah blah. 

– Page 810. Gately is in hospital recovering. Tiny Ewell is visiting him. He’s now regaling him with some personal history. 

– Page 816. Tiny Ewell’s story is meh, but I do feel for poor old Don. He seems like a good guy. Or he’s trying to be a good guy. His fever dream I can relate to; I used to have a lot of nightmares about tornadoes. 

– Page 817. I wonder if there’s going to be a love triangle between Gately, Joelle and Pat. 

Can you tell what today’s gif theme is?

– Page 819. I swear to the almighty that if I read the phrase “eat cheese” or “demapped/erase map” again…. btw wtf is a “turnipcut”? Is that supposed to be “tourniquet”?

– Page 824. Amongst all the shit going down at Ennett House, of course a major priority is viewing TP cartridges. Of course. But The Entertainment will be in there, you just know it. 

– Page 826. How does Gately know about Madame Psychosis? Was he a listener? I can’t remember if that has been mentioned?

– Page 827. The repeated use of the n-word is really grating on me. 

– Page 830. Soooo. Are the dog and the Chinese lady Lenz’s victims? Are they telling Gately he should have just let the Canadians kill Lenz? And who is the wraith?

– Page 832. Snort. Johnny Gentle has a copper coloured toupee. Who does that remind us of?

(btw Johnny Gentle really was a singer, but British. I wonder if DFW used the name deliberately?)

Here’s Johnny!

Right I’m leaving it here, with Gately chatting to a ghost (possibly) whilst balancing a Coke can on his head. 

Until tomorrow. 

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