26 Days of Jest: Day 23

So it’s day 23 and we are reading 833 to 875. For no other reason than it was just mentioned in the book, today’s gif theme is Ren and Stimpy.


– Page 835. We are assuming that the “wraith” visiting Gately in hospital is the ghost of Jim Incandenza then? Why is he visiting Gately? Is it to do with Joelle?

– Page 837. I wonder which son he means became a “figurant”? Orin? Oh no, probably Hal, thinking back to that weird therapy scene. Oh right, so The Entertainment was made to get Hal to talk. Okayyyyy. 

– Page 841. So, the stepdad (sort of) of Gately used to record everything in a little notebook, sort of like…. Rod Tine (penis size). Hmmm! 

– Page 844. So outside of the hospital there may be a certain dude whose house Gately broke into and whose toothbrush Gately shoved up his arse. 

– Page 845. I don’t understand who the other test subject is. One is definitely Poor Tony. Who’s the guy in the white wig? Oh Poor Tony’s fingers have been cut off. Poor Tony indeed. Ok so there’s a plan to replace the tennis kids en route to the academy with spies. That’ll work. 

– Page 847. What is it with licking sweat in this book!? Ew. 

– Page 850. So the way The Entertainment works is that the viewer actually wants to die because Joelle will have been the one to kill them and that would make her their mother in their next life? Also. HANG ON! First person perspective, this late in the game? (Hal) UGH. 

– Page 858. Back in the hospital with Joelle visiting Gately. Who’s this Wayne dude?

– Page 859. “An endless Now stretching its gull wings out on either side of his heartbeat” 

– Page 863. Nice to know there’s some consideration for women in this book (the 13th steppers e.g. seducing a newcomer to AA is considered tantamount to rape). 
– Page 866. We’re back in first person with Hal, which seems oddly intimate. 

– Page 875. The Darkness is stuck to a window. It’s weird how Hal seems completely unaware of which emotion he’s portraying. Maybe his father was right about him being uncommunicative after all. 

We will leave it here, that’s yer lot. 

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