26 Days of Jest: Day 24

Today’s reading is pages 875 to 907. We are having a heatwave here in the U.K. and I am melting. That is all. Don’t know what the gif theme will be. If there even is one. It’s just too hot! Crank up the air-con, let’s go! 

– Page 876. So we are in a meeting with some TV network executives and not only Rod the God but his son. Seems the American government in this reality has a certain amount of nepotism too. They’re looking at placing adverts on kids TV which warns them against looking at unlicensed cartridges (in case it’s a copy of The Entertainment). 

– Page 882. This epilepsy skit is… weird. And not funny. It’s taken them this many pages to shut up and roll tape. 

– Page 885. We are back in hospital with Gately. He’s got hold of a pad and pencil (at the request of Joelle). Gately is still very racist by the way. 

– Page 894. Lots about Gately’s drug addictions. The previous bit about the Pakistani doctor wasn’t real; it was a dream. It appears Lenz has the gun from the fight and has been spotted, but not caught. 

– Page 895. Wait, who’s the hot nurse? Surely not Joelle without her veil?

– Page 897. Hal again, in the first person again, experiencing some kind of existential crisis. As we read it almost seems as though Hal is coming out of a fugue state and entering reality for the first time. The prose also becomes almost… normal. If this is intentional, it’s very clever. 

– Page 899. Seems Avril is really into John Wayne; she stayed by his side all night at the hospital. I wonder if Avril, as a Canadian, is a spy? She’s described as an “ethnic Canadian”. Does this mean Inuit?

– Page 900. “We are all dying to give our lives away to something”. Ah, we are finding out how Charles Tavis and Avril are related: they are not. His mother was a homodontic dwarf. It seems pretty well known, but not spoken about, that CT is Mario’s father. 

– Page 906. Another Gately’s drug history interlude, including some Breaking Bad in the kitchen sequence. 

Leaving it at Page 907, with Hal being interrupted in his existential funk by Pemulis, who has something important to tell him. It’s going to be about The Moms!

Until tomorrow. 

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