26 Days of Jest: Day 25

It is the penultimate day! Pages 907 to 949 today! And there are some interesting conversations afoot. Ooh, that’s a bit Sherlock. What was that quote again?

Never mind.

On! To page 907!

 – Page 908. Uh-oh. Looks like The Darkness is sans part of his face. Ouch. Hal is sinking deep into a depression, perhaps finally starting to accept and process his grief. 

– Page 915. Lots more pages about Gately’s drug habits, and shady and violent job resumé. Also, looks like Gately saw a TV news segment about Orin. He used to play football but gave it up for drugs, so seeing the piece upset him. 

– Page 916. What was that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it section about Pemulis??

– Page 917. Lol, “highatus”. And Kite upped his motherboard’s processing power to a whole 32MB of RAM! 32MB! Ah, the nineties. 

– Page 920. The sexy nurse is back. It can’t be Joelle, because she seems to be an actual real nurse, and Gately hasn’t recognised her or her voice. 

– Page 923. I wish Gately would shut up and something would happen. It’s nice to know he doesn’t rape unconscious girls though. 

– Page 925. “You’re the second most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, the first most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen being the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher” 😐

– Page 928. “Dworkinite Female Objectification Prevention And Protest Phalanx” MILITANT FEMINISTS ARE GO! Other than that ughhhhh this betting scam story is FAR TOO LONG, totally irrelevant to the plot and do we really want this, so close to the denouement? We do not. 

– Page 933. Wait, was Gately just visited by a manifestation of Lyle? Oh, a brief glimpse of Steeply grabbing Joelle!

– Page 937. This drug binge is sordid and bad. Very much so. Oh here’s Joelle being questioned about The Entertainment. 

– Page 940. So the master tapes were buried with Jim Incandenza. That was in his will. Is this anything to do with Gately’s dream about digging up a body with a sad kid, and Joelle being there too?

– Page 942. Why is Stice’s bed on the ceiling? More poltergeist activity?

– Page 946. What the fuck kind of film is that to make? And his kids have seen it, obviously at a young age. Whaaaat. 

Right let’s leave this segment as it’s going about the impending weather. Tomorrow’s the last day. I hope things are wrapped up cleanly. My guess is they won’t be. The conversation between Hal and Pemulis hasn’t happened yet. HAL. LISTEN TO YOUR VOICEMAILS. Sayonara! 

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