26 Days of Jest: Day 26

Today we are reading pages 949 to 981 AKA the end AKA we did it AKA thank the baby Jesus WE HAVE FINISHED THIS GOD DAMN BOOK! And it’s also the season finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race this weekend so, I know I’ve already used this as a gif theme, but come on… they have all the best gif moments. 

It’s true.  Anyway, let’s begin!

– Page 948. Who are the men in uniforms on  a snowmobile chase? 

– Page 950. It’s almost as though Hal, sober, and finally feeling some feels, is feeling his feels all at once. Making up for lost time. Suddenly lots of trivial memories of his childhood and his family are coming to the fore after a long time being repressed. 

– Page 955. Himself worrying that Orin would get the wrong idea about sex from a porn flick is quite sad, considering the rumours about Orin and his Mom. I wonder how Hal feels about his Mom’s attachment to John Wayne, a boy his own age. He seems pretty distant from it, although he acknowledges it on page 956. 

– Page 957. He also acknowledges CT and his Mom having sex. As well as a host of other men. He feels nauseous. Poor kid. 

– Page 961. Joelle is on her way back to Ennett House, there’s been a brief story from an AA guy called Mikey which was nothing to do with anything, and now the A.D.A. is here talking to Pat. The A.D.A. whose house Gately broke into. 

– Page 963. So the A.D.A.’s wife Tooty (what kind of a name is that; is it a nickname?) has some kind of dental compulsion/phobia from Gately’s break-in and the A.D.A. is in counselling about it and wants to forgive Gately as part of it. Huh. This book and teeth. So weird. Wait. What if the trauma he refers to was Tooty seeing “Fun With Teeth?”

– Page 965. Some kind of tennis gala. Pemulis is missing and was last seen looking anxious. Poutrincourt (the Canadian spy) has gone awol. 

– Page 971. This Barry Loach story is very sad. But what was that at the end? Did he kill the Head Trainer to take his place? After all that?

– Page 972. Is Orin now trapped, like one of the cockroaches he put a tumbler over to die? YAAAASSSS. Dickhead. Ahhh the Swiss hand model is LURIA! And they’re POURING COCKROACHES into his tumbler. 

– Page 975. Gately is remembering events post-binge. How did Pamela get in a tree?? Anyway there’s some serious business type dudes here. Gangsters. Shit is going down. 

– Page 978. I wonder if Tarantino ever read this book and got some ideas for his films maybe? Idk, this feels very like them somehow. Or, again, Lynch. 

– Page 982. What. WHAT? Was that it? WHAT?


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